Are Yearly Mammograms Important for Women?

Mammograms are breast examinations that produce X-ray images of the breast to detect breast cancer. They can be for women who have breast issues like pain, lump, or nipple discharge and those who don’t have any complaints at all. It can detect breast cancers, cysts, and benign tumors. While mammography can’t prove there’s cancer in an abnormal area of the breast, it raises suspicions of cancer. In this case, your doctor will remove the tissue for a biopsy. This screening procedure can detect breast cancer 3 years before you start experiencing abnormal symptoms like a lump. It is a part of your yearly checkup once you reach the age of 40. You can learn here more about the importance of mammograms:

Detect Breast Cancer and Increase Your Rate of Survival

Early breast cancer detection increases the possibility of successfully treating the cancer. Also, when detected early, the tumor may still be localized, which means it hasn’t spread to other breast tissues, offering a good chance for recovery. Getting regular mammograms lowers your chances of losing your life to breast cancer. 

Live with Breasts

When breast cancer is detected early through mammograms, you will require less extensive treatment methods. This lets you keep your breasts or more of them. At an early stage, it’s still possible to remove the tumor without removing your entire breast. 

Let You Stay Healthy

Healthy breasts are important to your overall health. Also, regular mammograms let you discuss your health with a doctor. For example, if breast cancer affected one member of your family, you can relay this concern to your doctor, so they can develop a prevention plan to minimize your risk of being affected by this cancer in the future. 

Be Informed

Regular mammograms, along with physical breast examinations, let you better understand your breasts. Also, you can detect slight changes that have to do with breast cancer or other conditions. 

Every woman needs to be proactive about her health and encourage other women to do the same. Invasive cancer affects a lot of women in the world. While you cannot predict what happens in the future, you can always approach this possibility proactively by scheduling mammograms every year. 

A reputable facility should offer safe and effective screenings for breast cancer, together with other procedures necessary to maintain your health. Also, it should offer comprehensive breast care for patients. The best facility to visit cares about your comfort and well-being.  

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