Best Free Resources to Learn Email Marketing

If you’re looking to learn more about email marketing, here’s a list of the best free resources available online. While most of them are paid courses, there are a few that are completely free. Among these is Phil Ebiner’s email marketing course, which costs around $80, but sometimes offers better than half price sales. The course covers everything from high-quality copywriting to tracking list behavior and engagement. It also has downloadable items for your convenience.

HubSpot Academy is another excellent resource. You can earn a certificate after completing their courses. You can then add it to your LinkedIn profile or CV. In addition, they are very easy to follow and communicate with professors. Another free resource for learning email marketing is ClickMinded’s Email Marketing Course. This course covers in-depth email copywriting techniques and extensive frameworks. It is also 100% free with a HubSpot account.

LinkedIn Learning also has a 20-part email course. In it, you can learn everything from the fundamentals of direct response copywriting and marketing to developing a marketing calendar and personas. It also covers content marketing, relationship-building, and creating compelling email copy. In addition, you can sign up for their 10-day free trial and pay monthly to gain access to the rest of their courses. This is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about email marketing.

Email Marketing Masterclass is another excellent course for beginners. It only takes 30 minutes and provides a solid foundation. It does not offer certification, but it will help you understand the basics of email marketing. There are also modules that cover email optimization, email design, and the science behind subject lines and images. You’ll learn about how to personalize your email content, check the stats, and tweak your strategy as needed.

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