Does Eating Healthy Food Make You Live Longer?

Eating better is important, but it is not enough to just eat a better diet. A better diet also includes other habits that are associated with a longer life, such as regular exercise and avoiding unhealthy foods. Certain foods are particularly helpful when it comes to aging, such as lowering harmful LDL cholesterol. Some others are beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels, but not everyone enjoys eating them.

Blueberries are a particularly powerful anti-aging food. Blueberries contain flavonoids, bioactive compounds that fight inflammation and help us resist disease. A British Journal of Nutrition study of over nine thousand women found that eating blueberries was linked to a longer lifespan. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants, and many researchers believe they can reduce mortality and prolong life. If you have diabetes or heart disease, eating more berries may also help.

Researchers found that swapping one serving of red meat with a serving of beans or nuts raises the quality of the diet by 20 percent. Eating more fruits and vegetables improves the quality of your diet by 10%. Cutting out sugar-sweetened drinks and alcoholic drinks may also have a beneficial effect. In addition to these changes, increasing your intake of healthy fats is another way to increase your life span.

Hu’s diet combines Mediterranean and Asian diets and incorporates vegetarian elements. It also excludes problematic parts of the Western diet, such as processed meats with preservatives. Hu also suggests that you indulge once in a while in treats. A long life is worth living. If you are wondering if eating healthy food makes you live longer, it is definitely worth trying! The new research confirms this.

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