Food habits to follow after getting a dental crown 

There are quite a few restrictions that you have to follow after getting a dental crown. While your dentist will be guiding you on what you should eat and what you should not, it is no harm in researching a bit more. However, if you are planning on getting dental crowns, you can contact crowns summit. Furthermore, if you want to gather more information about what you should eat, drink, or smoke after getting your crowns done, this is the right place you come to. Keep on reading the blog to know what your food habits should be after getting dental crowns.

Eating habits

After getting the crowns done, wait for 60 minutes to eat something. Do not have hot beverages or sticky food at least for three days. It is restricted to having any hard food like French bread, nuts, chips, as they are hard and and can ruin your crown.

People often have a habit of chewing their nails or biting the tip of their pens. Habits like these should be highly avoided. If you are planning on getting your dental crowns. Activities like opening a beer bottle with your teeth or unscrewing anything using your teeth should be avoided.

Drinking habits

Once you have your dental crowns, restrict yourself from alcohol or any kind of acidic beverages. Alcohol is acidic in nature and consuming it over and over again will weaken the enamel of the teeth. Alcohol also causes the mouth to dry up, which is the reason behind cavities and decay. If you are in a habit of drinking regularly, restrain yourself for at least 72 hours after getting your dental crown.

Smoking habits

Not only for your dental health, but smoking is also injurious to your overall health. It not only affects your oral health but also your heart, lungs, bones, and the whole body. Like alcohol, smoking also dries up your mouth. As a result, the socket experiences a blood clot. It is highly advisable that one should not smoke at least for a week after getting their dental crowns done.


There are a lot of bad habits that people are prone to. But if you want to make your dental crown last longer, abiding by this blog will help you in the long run. Apart from this, try to eat healthy and clean your mouth thoroughly to increase the longevity of dental crowns.

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