Helpful Guide To Understand Back Pain and The Best Treatment in Cedar Rapids

Back pain is discomfort in your back and can happen at any point in your spinal area. Most of the people in the US experience pain in two body parts, that is in the neck area and in the lower back area. 

Never neglect your back pain, especially if it lingers for a few days and starts hurting more. Make it a point to consult with the back pain experts like the American Rehabilitation Medicine. They have the best doctors and rehabilitation centers for treating back pain Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Anamosa

The first stage of treatment at is mostly an x-ray, and then the patients are prescribed to take nutritional supplements along with regular rehabilitation exercise. However, after you hit a certain age, the doctor may put you on pain killers and may even advise operation. 

back pain Cedar Rapids

Usually, this happens after years of wrong posture and no exercise. People with sedentary jobs have mostly this type of pain and it increases with age. Back pain can be short term and you may experience it just for few days. In such cases, this is more of muscle inflammation than bone density problem. 

Types of back pain:

Wrong limb movement:

This happens when you have poor posture or exercise with wrong posture and it hits a different muscle area, while you are not even aiming for it. It may happen in muscle, ligaments and areas surrounding the joint. Mostly, over the medicines can help and you need to maintain a correct posture consciously, with some stretching exercise.

Slip Disc

This is most common in women who have attained their menopause. This condition arises when the tissue in the intervertebral area of the spinal cord outgrows and overlaps itself on the adjacent muscle, tendons and nerves. The first round of treatment is usually spinal mobility, but if the situation cannot be improved the doctor may suggest you to get operated. The operation will put you at ease and you can enjoy your life just like before.


This is prevalent among individuals who do not have body movements and it develops over the years. In this condition, either the spinal canal pushes the spinal cord so hard that one vertebra may slip, dislocate or overlap over the other. Not only this can cause pain, but the spinal cord can bend over a period of time. Surgery is the most common and sought out treatment.


This is a rare condition and is mostly runs in the family. It can even happen to children and there is no age for this. This happens when the sciatic nerve protrudes in an uneven manner from the back connecting the hips. While surgery is considered, but it should only be considered after medications and injections have failed to make it better. Cold compress and hot shower can be very effective for such individuals. 

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