How to Prepare for the Board Exams of Classes 10 and 12?

Science and Mathematics are essential subjects for students who aspire to build careers in Engineering, Medical and other fields. Students learn various fundamental concepts in their childhood. The students should focus on these concepts as they will be present even in their higher education levels. If a student has a strong hold on these subjects, it will be easy for them to achieve their goals.

Students should use board-prescribed textbooks and study materials to score well in the board exams. They must use reference sources that adhere entirely to the latest syllabus and guidelines. If students thoroughly cover all the concepts from the textbooks, it will be easy for them to answer the complex questions that might appear in the board exams. Maharashtra Board Solution is designed by faculty to enhance students’ problem-solving skills.

These solutions are provided for all the subjects so that students understand how to answer textbook questions effortlessly. It is given free of cost where. Students should enter their information and download it in PDF format. As all the answers are provided in the solutions PDF, it will be easy for students to get their doubts clarified instantly.

Classes 10 and 12 Board Exam Preparation Steps

1. Go through the Syllabus

Whichever the exam is, students should first try to understand the syllabus. If students follow the syllabus pattern, it will be easy to perform remarkably well in the board exams. It will give them an idea of the topics that are of top priority according to the syllabus. Students will also be able to prepare a study plan based on the essential concepts from the exam point of view.

2. Prepare a Schedule

Students should prepare for the board exams using a study schedule. It should cover all the subjects and chapters with equal time distribution. Studying the topics using this process will make it easy for the students to cover all the critical concepts in the given time. The designed schedule will also help the students complete the syllabus before the exams.

3. Focus on Weak Areas

While preparing for the exams, students will get an idea of the concepts at which they are weak and focus on them for a better score. Students will get an idea of the topics that must be covered and move on to the less-priority concepts. Students can do it based on the marks distribution allotted by the board.

4. Solve Sample Papers

After completing the textbook questions, students should try solving the sample papers. As the board releases the sample papers yearly, students will get to know the concepts of importance. It will also give a precise idea of the question paper pattern and marks the weightage allotted for each topic.

5. Revision

Revision plays a vital role in knowing and understanding a particular topic. So students are recommended to revise all the chapters before the exam. It will help them know where they stand and help them achieve better results. Students will also be able to focus on complex topics with ease.

Classes 10 and 12 are the crucial stages in the student’s life to build a strong career. Building a career in the required field of interest will be easy if a student clears these phases well. The students should follow Kerala Syllabus under the Kerala Board. All the classes are available to make the learning process fun for the students.

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