Is 67 Too Old to Go to Law School?

Going to law school is a big decision and one that will require a large time commitment. Especially when you are approaching or at the age of 67, you may be wondering if law school is still a viable option. You may also be concerned about how you will find a job after graduation, considering how cutthroat the legal industry has become. There are several things to consider before making the decision to attend law school.

First, if you are 67 years old, your academic record may not reflect well. Law schools may not be as eager to look at older applicants as those with younger or recent degrees. However, you can show that you have the necessary academic skills by highlighting recent examples of research and analysis. Another option is to enroll in law-related classes at your local community college. You may also want to consider taking a class at an older age to improve your chances of getting in.

Another factor to consider is whether you want to practice law in the future. In the U.S., over half of law school graduates join law firms that have fewer than 10 attorneys. Only 17% go on to practice law with more than 250 lawyers. If you are considering law school at an older age, you may have been a law student for years and want to build a successful practice after graduating. However, you will need to have sufficient start-up capital to begin practicing law. You will also need to pay off your student loans.

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