Justifications for Getting New Breast Implants

Although breast implants do not expire, they do not last forever. However, your age, health, personal preferences, and the skill of your plastic surgeon will all play a role in how often and why you opt to replace your implants.

The vast majority of women will not choose to replace their breast implants before the ten-year mark, and many will do so for several decades. Within the next decade, only about 20% of women need a breast replacement.

However, this figure and the likelihood that you will require a breast implant replacement at medspa cleveland depend greatly on your surgeon’s skill and expertise. The longer your breast implants last, the more experienced your plastic surgeon is. Implants can last longer if you get regular checkups and if you monitor their condition with self-exams.

But what are the concrete causes of breast implant failure?

If you currently have breast implants, why should you consider replacing them?

Replacement of breast implants is a routine procedure. Many women opt to have new implants before the old ones are completely worn out.

  • You are interested in having your implants resized.

Increasing the implant size is the most common cause for a replacement. You may have been pleased with the outcome and the appearance of your new breasts immediately after getting implants.

After some time had passed, many women began to wish that their breast implants were a tad larger. This is why some ladies opt to get their implants adjusted. 

  • You can feel the sag in your breasts.

Even with implants, sagging breasts are a natural part of getting older. Breast implants do raise the breasts and keep them looking perkier, so it may be years before you notice any sagging. However, as time passes, the effects of gravity will become more apparent, and your implants will begin to look noticeably different.

The appearance of your breasts may change if you rapidly lose or gain weight. Sagging or stretch marks may appear around your implants if you experience rapid weight loss or gain.

  • You have a sagging breast or a deflated implant.

This is the most blatant argument in favor of getting new implants. The size and form of your breasts will vary noticeably when the saline in your implants dissolves. Deflation of an implant can occur fast or gradually.

If this happens, you should have new implants as soon as possible. You must make an appointment with your surgeon immediately. Do this as soon as possible.

  • The implants in your body are beginning to ripple.

Another potential need for a breast implant replacement is ripples. Overfilled saline breast implants might develop visible ripples at the implants’ margins. In patients with thin tissues, implant ripples may be more obvious.

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