Learn about the things you should discuss with your gynecologist!

The gynecological part of women is a very complicated subject. It is suggested that you should visit a gynecologist at least once a year, but often, there are times when you are going through a certain discomfort, but you don’t realize it. This is due to the lack of consciousness and education regarding the woman’s reproductive system. There are a few great gynecological services alamo heights where you can reach out if you are going through any one of the following: 

Painful periods

Period cramps are normal in girls. They may take a pill or use a hot water bag to relieve the pain from time to time. But few girls do not realize that the pain that they’re going through is not normal. If you are feeling dizzy and fatigued due to the pain or the pain is not relieved even after you have popped pills, it is time to talk to a gynecologist. If your periods are getting worse with time, it might be a symptom of uterine fibroids or endometriosis. These conditions should be treated by a certified gynecologist, or it might seriously affect your health.

Vagina odor 

We all know that the “thing” down there smells weird. But in some cases, if you feel that the odor is getting weird with time or smelling fishy, there is something fishy. You must consult your gynecologist, informing them about the change. It might be a sign of a bacterial or fungal infection.

Discomfort during intercourse

Who doesn’t like to have good-quality intercourse? But a few ladies might feel that the whole hype about having sex is not worth it. While some might have a different mindset, others might feel it due to the discomfort. They are not feeling good while having sex. Dryness or painful sex is not normal. If you are experiencing such things during intercourse, it is recommended that you talk to a gynecologist.

Lower urges to have sex

If you are feeling that you no longer want to indulge in sexual activity with your partner, it might be a result of lower libido. Libido is a hormone that instigates sexual urges in your body. Lower libido might result in lower interest while having sex. It is a thing that you should discuss with your gynecologist, as older women who are under medication might be affected by them, resulting in lower sex hormones.

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