Republic TV – How to Address Common Complaints About the News Channel

There have been several incidents where Republic TV journalists have quit or are considering quitting their jobs. Some social media users have offered to cover their EMIs for a few months until they find something else to do. Others feel that these journalists deserve no sympathy for quitting their jobs and should have voiced out earlier. Let us look at some of the most common complaints about Republic TV. We can also see how the channel has tried to make its news programme more popular.

Election battles are massive affairs of interest and for media houses. News channels covering election stories bag huge audiences during primetime. To stay ahead of the competition, Republic TV had to gain a competitive edge in delivering its election stories. While the company has faced many setbacks, it has been able to maintain its audience and journalists’ trust. But there are still some issues to work out. Here are some tips that can help the channel’s future growth funnyjok.

The first issue to be addressed is the media trial at Republic TV. The news channel has received a flurry of criticism on the internet. Some of its employees have resigned. One of them, Shantasree Sarkar, found a voice through Farhan Akhtar, and explained her reasons for leaving the channel. This has left Arnab fans sceptical about her decision. But what about the other people involved thestyleplus?

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