The Most Common Procedures Performed by an Orthopedic Surgeon

Imagine the instance when you reach out to grab a glass of water. The gentle curve of your elbow, the flex of your wrist, the delicate bend of your fingers – all working in harmony. Now, consider for a moment, what happens if that harmony is disrupted? Enter the world of Upper Extremity Specialists. As orthopedic surgeons, we mend the broken symphony in your bones, restoring the music in your movements. This blog will delve into the most common procedures we perform, from carpal tunnel releases to complex joint replacements. Let’s give these unsung heroes of the medical world the standing ovation they deserve.

Carpal Tunnel Release

Picture yourself waking up one morning with a numb hand. You shake it off, thinking it’s just ‘pins and needles’. But the numbness persists, the music in your hands slowly fading. That’s when we step in. Carpal tunnel release is a common procedure we perform. It’s like tuning a piano – we loosen the ligament around the wrist, restoring the harmony in your hand.

Joint Replacement

Imagine a hinge that’s gotten rusty with time. It creaks and complains, disrupting the tranquility in your home. That’s what arthritis does to your joints. Joint replacement is like oiling that creaky hinge – we replace the worn-out parts with new ones, smoothing out the creaks, bringing peace back into your life.

Rotator Cuff Repair

Ever tried waving with a broken string puppet? Difficult, isn’t it? A torn rotator cuff turns your shoulder into such a puppet. Rotator cuff repair is like mending that broken string – we stitch the torn tendon back to the arm bone, giving you back control over your movements.

Spine Surgery

The spine is a tower that keeps us erect. But what happens when a brick in that tower gets displaced? Pain sears through the body every time you move. Spine surgery is like fixing that displaced brick – we realign the vertebrae, restoring the tower, bringing relief to your pain.

Fracture Repair

Have you ever tried to play a violin with a broken string? It’s impossible to produce music. A fracture is similar to that broken string. Fracture repair is like replacing the broken string – we realign the broken bones and secure them until they heal, ensuring the music in your movements is restored.

Orthopedic surgeries might seem daunting at first, but knowing that they restore the harmony in your body should bring comfort. As orthopedic surgeons, we don’t just mend bones, we mend lives. We are the conductors bringing back the symphony in your movements, the maestros orchestrating the melody in your muscles. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of orthopedics – the art of mending bones.

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