What Do the Lyrics of Steely Dan’s “Gaucho” Mean?

What do the lyrics of Steely Dan’s “Gaucho” mean? Steely Dan’s songs are cryptically subversive. The band’s “Gaucho” is no different. “Gaucho” spins off two hit singles: Hey Nineteen and Time Out of Mind. Hey Nineteen was a satirical ode to the drug, which was sung by Mark Knopfler, who had previously performed with Dire Straits.

Fagen’s cynicism is evident throughout the seventies, and Gaucho is no different. On the other hand, previous albums – Aja, Peg, Home at Last, Deacon Blues – were warmer. Similarly, Gaucho is written from the first person, just as Fagen puts himself into the lyrics. This way, the meaning of the lyrics is also very personal.

“Gaucho” starts out with a cryptic reference to sex. The narrator of this song doesn’t know the connotations of the name, but the music in the chorus shows support for the disreputable lovers. As long as they are not in jail, “Gaucho” is a great track to turn up the volume on your stereo.

What do the lyrics of Steely Dan’s “Gaucho” mean? The band’s song is a sad, absurd and funny song. It’s a sad song about a gay man, but the lyrics are very clever. It’s funny enough to have made Fagen laugh. It is even more hilarious if the song has a message about homosexuality. You’ll know if you’ll find the message in the lyrics.

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