Why do celebrities have plastic surgery?

The main reason that celebrities do plastic surgery is for “being on camera”. A celebrity career is a career that requires physical appearance. The appearance therefore has a huge impact on the work.

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Smaller faces look better on camera than flat faces. “Camera” is that the face is properly proportioned and dimensioned.

Easterners generally have a broad face, cheekbones, and jawline. including having a protruding mouth Compared to Westerners whose faces have dimensions Easterners have a flatter face. The dimensions of the face help draw the eye. As a result, celebrities who rely on their faces to decide their fates have decided to undergo plastic surgery to make their faces look more dimensional and on camera.

Although there is no such thing as “starter’s specific surgery”, if you look at it, you’ll find that celebrities often choose to do plastic surgery to make their faces look more dimensional.

The surgery that is gaining popularity among celebrities is jaw surgery. Many celebrities perform facial contouring or jaw surgery to make their faces smaller and more dimensional. until the jaw surgery was called “Star surgery” because after doing it, the face will change a lot. Shockingly like a star look changed for each person until I can’t remember

Jaw surgery is surgery on the upper and lower jaws at the same time. When the position and shape of the jaw changes The face will have a beautiful dimension. Whether the two faces are asymmetrical, protruding chin, etc., correcting misaligned jaws or teeth will help correct chewing, speaking and breathing problems, and will also help reshape your face.

The nose is an organ located in the center of the face. Therefore, it is an important garden that affects the image. as well as eyes when the nose rises The face will look smaller and have dimensions.

Rhinoplasty is not only popular among female celebrities. Male celebrities do a lot. It is commonly performed with rhinoplasty. or fix the tip of the nose

Eyes are the main organ that stars use to express their feelings in acting. Male celebrities may be popular even with single eyelids. But female stars must have big and bright eyes. double eyelid surgery Eyelid surgery and eyelid surgery that makes the eyes look big and bright. Therefore, it has gained popularity as well.

Mongolian eyes make the eyes look small, uncomfortable and also shorten the shape of the eyes. two eyes looking away An incision is made to cut off the skin covering the eyes. Makes the eyes look brighter and sharper. When the eye is opened Two eyes that are far apart will look closer together. Eyes look bigger and softer.

Eyelid surgery helps to make the eyes look bright. Solve the problem of closed eyes. It also helps to fix the corner of the eye pointing up or the corner of the eye falling down. If the corner of the eye is closed up, the eye will be cut open to make it fall. But if the corner of the eye falls down, it will be cut open to close up.

If you look at the eyes of the stars When smiling broadly, small bags under the eyes are convex. These bags under the eyes are caused by the muscles around the eyes being lifted up when smiling. It is the part that enhances the face like double eyelids.

Even though I haven’t had bags under my eyes like this since birth. But it can be injected with fillers or surgery to augment the artificial leather layer, etc., to create bags under the eyes. small bags under the eyes It helps the smooth face of the oriental people to look more volume and dimension. eyes look sharper It also helps to mask wrinkles under the eyes that occur easily. make it look cute and bright This is one of the secrets to the young faces of celebrities.

Cheek wrinkle surgery is the prosthesis of the deep groove on the side of the cheek. and the nose to make it more shallow thus helping to look younger and more charming. It also looks natural and not as eye-catching as most popular eye or nose surgery. It’s a surgery that makes celebrities look better.

Deep wrinkles in the cheeks make you look older. Treating wrinkles with proper volume will help you look younger. The face looks softer and more dimensional. It also solves the problem of protruding mouth to be reduced as well.

There are prostheses such as gore-tex, silicone, medpor, and fat grafting and face-lifting procedures. There is also a filler injection method. Considering the cost of surgery and recovery time It is considered a good surgery.

Besides the face, celebrities also like to have breast augmentation surgery. Breasts are an important part of creating a feminine curve. The plump breasts make the waist look narrow and seductive. The “hot body” actress who wore a body-focused evening gown on the red carpet was always mentioned. But for a female celebrity with a slim figure, it would be difficult to have “bulky” breasts. There is a lot of interest in breast augmentation surgery.

Currently, prosthesis techniques and developments make breast augmentation surgery only take one day to recover. It also reduces pain symptoms a lot. Therefore, surgery can be performed without affecting the work.

Plastic surgery is also very popular among celebrities. When shapely celebrities start gaining attention, other celebrities start getting fit. Many celebrities get in shape with exercise. And liposuction is difficult to reduce, supplemented with. Slim body with es-line So it’s not impossible anymore.

“Cheek groove surgery is a simple operation that takes about 30 minutes, but requires the correct analysis of the patient’s face and choosing the right shape and proportions.”

face lift surgery What are the cheek grooves?

The method of augmentation prosthesis is done by making an incision inside the mouth and inserting an artificial organ such as gore-tex, silicone, medpor, etc. after the surgery, the change will be clearly visible.

Fat injection method is done by liposuction from the abdomen or thighs and then injecting it into the cheek groove, all over the face, including under the eyes, the body is not against it. (because it is body fat not foreign substances) and looks natural.

The filler injection method is a hassle-free method. Suitable for wrinkles on the cheeks that are not very deep, do not require recovery time. But the results of the treatment did not last long. Therefore, there are disadvantages that require repeated injections.

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