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Why is the Google Play Store Filled With Ugly Applications?

You’ve probably wondered why the Google Play Store is filled with useless applications. Thousands of applications promise you great features, but are they actually necessary? Probably not. Some are simply billboards disguised as useful apps. Others may clog your phone’s memory or violate your privacy. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to download these useless applications. We’ve broken down some of the main reasons why these apps are uninstallable.

Another issue with the Google Play Store is inbuilt advertisements. It’s no secret that Google has banned nearly 600 Android apps, but the problem is a common one. Google hasn’t stated which ones were banned, but the common characteristic among them is annoying ads. We’re all guilty of this. So how do you remove them? Read on to find out how. Here are some tips:

Updates. While the change logs of these apps are useful, they’re often worthless. Most apps update their interfaces regularly, and the “What’s new” section often lists old changes. These changes are likely the result of a random server switch or a 2 MB update. Even worse, there’s a chance the “What’s new” section is outdated. A typical changelog could have been made weeks ago, and the “What’s new” section may contain changes that didn’t affect the app at all.

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